Executive Coaching

One to one executive coaching to develop self-awareness, self-confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, ability to handle difficult situations, and role modelling.

Our bespoke programmes are tailored to the individual needs of the Executive

The Best Organisation specialises in helping Leaders and Managers to realise their full potential and consistently perform at their best. With over 15 years’ experience in this field The Best Organisation has had many successes in unlocking development potential at all levels of management.

We see the key to successful Leadership as recognising and building on personal strengths, developing the flexibility to behave and communicate in ways that are most appropriate to the situation and being an inspiring role model for others!

Personal Profiling

This part of the programme will involve completing a profiling questionnaire that will identify the client’s patterns of behaviour and preferred ways of working.

This will be followed by a detailed feedback session to explain and discuss the different elements of the profile and the implications for personal development.

Setting Goals and Outcomes

Once the client has had time to digest and consider the results of the profiling exercise, the next session will be scheduled to plan out the coaching programme.

This will involve forming an agreement on how we will work together (including levels of confidentiality), identify measurable goals that the client would like to achieve by the end of the programme and laying out a route map for getting the desired outcomes.

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Coaching Programme Themes

Examples of the types of themes that could be selected for the Programme are:

  • Developing more self-awareness – identifying personal motivational traits and preferred ways of working. Often these are not thought about consciously and need to be brought into the client’s awareness in order to provide the opportunity to enhance, modify or change them.
  • Improving communications and influencing skills – developing the flexibility to adapt communication style and use the right words and phrases to gain attention, build rapport, develop trust and positively influence behaviour.
  • Developing flexibility in leadership style – identifying the client’s natural leadership style and providing ways in which alternative leadership styles can be quickly and easily applied depending on the confidence, competence and specific needs of the team members.
  • Bringing out the best in people – looking at ways of identifying the potential of team members and how to increase and reward desired behaviours and extinguish undesired behaviours.
  • Creating a high performing team – diagnosing the current stage of development of the team, identifying the support needed to improve performance and how to remove and obstacles or resistance.
  • Handling conflict – understanding how to deal with individual or team conflicts and how to structure difficult conversations to get the desire outcome.
  • Creating a shared vision for the future – ensure that the team are all moving in the same direction towards agreed goals and actively measuring progress.

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