From oblivion to ‘no brainer’!

Have you ever wondered how we learn? How our minds work on collecting information and then applying it? When we learn something new we all go on a journey. At first it can seem hard and some of even give up thinking that we will just never ‘get it’.

But if we understood the journey better we could have more faith in ourselves and better help others to succeed.

Levels of learning

There are four key ‘levels of learning’ that we pass through each with its own challenges and reassurances:


Let’s think about these 4 stages applied to learning to drive a car:

Unconscious Incompetence – You have not yet had your first driving lesson so haven’t been shown how little you know and how much you have to learn.

Conscious Incompetence –You realise that understanding the controls on a car and negotiating street conditions is much harder than you thought. You fail more often than you succeed. This stage is often accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness or “Am I ever going to learn this?”

Conscious Competence – You have to think about changing gear and consciously applying what you have read in the Highway code. With time, good feedback, and regular practice, you move out of a place of getting things mostly wrong into a place of getting things mostly right.

Unconscious Competence – You can drive whilst thinking about other things. You are controlling the car automatically and sometimes may even drive a few miles without even remembering that part of the journey! When you reach this stage, the skill has stuck. Even if it is not performed for long periods, you can go back to it without any difficulty and perform again as well as if you’d never been away.

Think about some of the things that you do in your role and where you are on the ladder. Consider how you can support others that you work with through this journey by reassuring them that the experiences are inevitable and with practice they will move to the top level!

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